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Being outside can improve memory, fight depression, and lower blood pressure


11 September, 2020

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Go outside!

  • Spending time in forests, hiking in mountains, and just being outside can lead to significant health benefits.
  • According to many studies, walking in the woods can improve blood pressure, boost mental health, and decrease cancer risk.
  • So go outside; it'll improve your health.

Psychologists and health researchers are finding more and more science-backed reasons we should go outside and enjoy the natural world.

In her book, "The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative," journalist Florence Williams writes that she started investigating the health benefits of nature after moving from the mountainous terrain of Boulder, Colorado, to what she describes as "the anti-Arcadia that is the nation's capital": Washington, DC.

In her words, being in the city made it hard to focus, even get out of bed: "I felt disoriented, overwhelmed, depressed," she wrote.

"My mind had trouble focusing. I couldn't finish thoughts. I couldn't make decisions and I wasn't keen to get out of bed."

Of course, the answer is not to abandon the cities. There are good reasons to live in the cities. But there are no reasons to stay stuck indoors all the time! 

  • Walking improves short-term memory.
  • Outdoors environments decrease stress.
  • Time outside decreases inflammation. 
  • Being in nature eases depression and other health issues. 
  • Nature-therapy improves cognitive functions--for zero cost.
  • Forest-time can boost the immune system. 
Need more reasons? 

Just get outside! :)

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