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Diagnostic and Training Shooting Targets - Error Analysis and Correction Paper Targets




  • FOR RIGHT HANDED SHOOTERS: Helps improve your shooting skills by identifying errors like: trigger jerking, heeling, thumbing, anticipating recoil, etc.
  • PACK CONTENTS: 20 Diagnostic targets 5 Bonus Dot Torture Drill Targets. Best targets for shooting and diagnostic. Grab your gun and your ammo and make your range trip a success every time!
  • Printed with High-Visibility Fluorescent Red Ink and Deep Black Ink for high visibility of the shots. This pistol targets paper is high quality and it will not rip and tear easily when penetrated. You can use any caliber bullets on these targets: 40, 22, 22lr, 380, 38 special, 9mm.
  • Size: 11" x 17". Great tool for target practice, training and shooting skills improvement. Don’t waste your ammunition, know what you are doing wrong and correct it instantly!

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