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UST - Outdoor Skills Learn





  • Watertight Case 1.0 - Water-resistant carrying case
  • Knot Cards - Everything you need to learn and practice a variety of useful knots applied outdoors.
  • Way Finding Cards - A pocket guide to help learn how to navigate using maps, compasses, and more.
  • Shelter Building Cards - Informative cards describe a variety of different emergency shelters and provide how-to directions on how to build them.
  • First Aid Cards - Useful tips to treat minor injuries when someone is hurt in an emergency situation.
  • Fire Building Cards - Cards outline step-by-step how to successfully build a fire in the outdoors.
  • Survival Fishing Cards - Feature useful tips and methods for catching fish in survival situations.
UST's Learn & Live Cards - Outdoor Skills Set quick reference guides cover the fundamentals of six imperative survival skills: knot tying, way finding, fire building, first aid, shelter, and fishing. They're all housed in UST's Watertight Case 1.0, which features O-ring seals for durability and water-resistance.

Part of UST's Learn & Live reference card collection, this set offers a convenient and fun learning tool for everyone - from seasoned backpackers and first-time campers.

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