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40-Pack Game Shooting Targets - 11"x17" Paper Targets




Want to play games while practicing your shooting skills (handgun or rifle)?

Then you need to try our fun paper targets for shooting range.

4 games available in this 40-pack of game shooting targets: 10 Sink The Boats targets, 10 Darboard targets, 10 Tic-Tac-Toe targets, and 10 Precision Circle Game targets.

  • The EZ2C targets are printed on 11" x 17" high-quality BRIGHT white paper to increase your shots' visibility (made in the USA) and to help you make the best out of your target practice!
  • The paper shooting targets are conveniently packaged with 40 targets per pad, making it easy to carry them around.
  • You can use any caliber bullets on these targets: 40, 22, 22lr, 380, 38 special, 9mm. They are great for pistol, rifle, airgun and airsoft shooting.

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